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Hello Plant Gurus

Meet these foragers

by Mary Goddard
Instagram is a dream come true for people like me. The quick little glimpses of photos that can tell a story, or completely pull you in, inviting you to search and dig for more! Sometimes it's that one photo that inspires you or sparks up an idea. For me, using Instagram lead me to some great foragers that are sharing some amazing recipes and knowledge on wild, indigenous plants. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorites.  Please note, these foragers are from all over the world. Though some of their plants are not indigenous to Alaska, they still offer great insight and some truly inspiring ideas.
Theres Jade, who is from West Wales and shares amazing photos like this:
I love eating something wild for my breakfast, so I'm grinding up dried nettles, cleavers , seaweed & berries to make a wild powder for adding to Winter smoothies for these dark, wet mornings when there isn't enough light (or enthusiasm) for me to feel like skipping outside to gather something fresh. Wildpickings
Doesn't that sound divine?! Perhaps its just because we share the same type of weather, its dark and wet here too, and sometimes I would rather just stay inside. 
Then theres Chris from the UK, also know as Foragingmouse.  Chris seems to always be foraging and coming up with something tasty to make with his findings. 
Going to change my name to ' drowned rat in the woods , a great day foraging for mushrooms in Somerset. - Chris 
Cockles and coastal fungi with wild herbs and caramelised sea leeks , and a sunset , Big smiles.
Instagram post from back in late November or early December, 2015. 
Wildfoodlove shares other people's foraging and wild gathering pictures.
Its a fun Instagram to follow because you are introduced to people from all over that have some level of interest in foraging. 
See! Without this Instagram post I would have never met Sitka the dog, who shares a love for berries just like me.
I love reading Ernest Journal's post on Instagram, it seems romantic, classic and slightly mysterious.
 The picture below is someone holding a cloudberry in Norway, a berry that is found in our very own muskegs here in Sitka, Alaska. 
Its exciting knowing that someone in Norway is picking the same berry that we have growing here. Makes me wonder how they prepare their cloudberries, what stories they have about picking and what exactly are we missing out on when we walk past these humble little berries. 
Honestly, I can't get enough of their dreamy images. Makes me want to step into their world for a bit. 
Of course I am following Planet Alaska. 
Writer Vivian shares a variety of everything Alaska. My favorite is when she shares food pictures, however the view from her fish camp (aka Writer's retreat) isn't too shabby either.
Couldn't you just invite yourself to her cabin? I have.  She's agreed that this summer would work out just fine. 
I could literally be caught up in Instagram for hours, however there is jellies to make, beer to brew and plants to be picked! Guaranteed you will see some of my posts on Instagram. Check them out on AlaskaMary.  And please, feel free to post your foraging pictures on Instagram and tag me in your post.  I would love to see what you are finding and how you've been inspired. #plantguru-inspired
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